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Sometimes we need a MP3 split into multiple copies, this time we need a professional mp3 Splitter tool use MP3 cutter Joiner can easily put mp3 split into multiple copies, Mp3 cutter joiner a rare mp3 cut tools, including mp3 cutter and mp3 joiner function and is very easy to use software. Use MP3 cutter joiner, you can easily cut the mp3 files into mp3 ringtones fragments do, supports mp3 files can be cut at any time, and to merge multiple mp3 files into one file, also supports mp3 format conversion. Now I want to tell you is that MP3 cut and then combined into an mp3 music steps.

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Open mp3 cutter joiner, through the “Add MP3 Files” button, the pre-prepared software, batch import multiple mp3 files, hold down the “Ctrl” key to select multiple files. Next we mp3 music files for each clip interception, select each song, then click on “mp3 cut” button to enter the music editing state. When playing mp3 files, drag the left and right buttons to select the interval time you want to cut, and finally click “OK” to save and return to the main interface, and then continue to the next clip mp3 songs interception, interception until the completion of all of the fragments.

All mp3 fragments interception is complete, return to the main interface, the intercept length below, you can clearly see the length of time for each interception fragment. In MP3 joiner Previously, if you need to sort the audio clip, then click on the “Up and Down” arrows to complete. Then you can set mp3 joiner a, MP3 cutter joiner of MP3 Joiner is very simple and does not require us to do too many settings, we only need MP3 cutter joiner main interface check the “merge into a file “button. Merged file is named after the first list of file names, so prior to the merger, we can rename the first file.

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At this point the lower right corner of the convert button click on the software, the software starts running merge mp3 files. The combined size of the file is proportional to the length of time, usually the larger the file the longer the time required is, the smaller the file merge speed will be faster.

MP3 Cutter Joiner Video Tutorial